Tuesday, March 18

The Dali Lama -- and then there was "Fun in Beijing"

For the Dalai Lama to step down as head of the legitimate Tibet government seems to be a mistake, for the Dalai Lama is a god-like a symbol of freedom and liberty for many. The Dalai Lama is not after power! The criminal Chinese government is, the criminals, who invaded Tibet and exterminated the majority of its peaceful population and who reign with merciless tyranny over a country they unlawfully occupy.

The Dalai Lama wants to save lives, it seems. Is his warning to step down going to be heard? Is he gambling, hoping for the demonstrators to show restraint?

The time for unrest in Tibet is not right. The right time will be when the Olympics start; when the Western sports-minions selfishly rain down on Beijing to show off in the name of the nations the have been ordered to represent.

For Western governments to support the Olympic games in a country that massacres innocent people, violates every Human right imaginable and is treason against Humanity.

Brown, Merckel, Bush and the lot: You are as guilty as the the Chinese government and military. We, the People promise: You will have to answer to us in a court of law some day.

Here they come, the selfish sport minions who cant wait to go to Beijing:

Let me tell you something: You are nothing but trash! Where is your honor? Where is your dignity? You clearly have lost your body and soul to governments who are slaves to the Elites. Just be careful what you wish for -- you may just get it!

Monday, March 10

Work Idiot Work -- Pay Idiot Pay!

Work, Idiot, work!
Pay, Idiot, Pay!

The hot talking point on government propaganda channel BBC and other corrupt media channels is the proposal of some politicians to replace the Council tax with an income tax.

The idea to penalize people for working and replacing the "council tax" (supposed to pay for local services) with a three percent income tax is as criminal as those people who shamelessly continue to exploit the working class. Liberal Democrats are neither liberal nor democratic; they are hard core socialists with only one agenda: To take the money from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t. The SNP is seriously delusional and, too, out of touch with the voters to even notice the serious flaw in this proposal.

The average worker pays 61% income tax, that is 40% income tax, 21% NHS tax (10% you, 11% employer), and if that was not enough we pay for petrol or diesel, and even to get to work. On top of that, Briton’s workers are burdened with a bogus sales tax called VAT. The value added tax should have more appropriately been called value diminishing tax. In other words, it is another scam perpetrated by the elites and carried out by their henchmen, the dishonest politicians with their specious smiles who to tell us: Oh it is for the good. You know, Hitler and Goebbels said that, too.

Their politically correct argument is: Scrapping the council tax and replacing it with a three percent income tax is a fairer system. Fairer to whom, may I ask? Fairer to the the those you are able to work but find it easier not to, or fairer to those who are the least likely to use largely unwanted council services in the first place, because they are too busy working to pay their taxes and cope with 30% inflation. Those who hold jobs do not want to end up in the welfare claws of an immoral state.

Without going into any detail: This is calculated step to break up and to destroy the middle class. All establishment parties, the socialist “liberal democrats”, the fascist control freak labour, or a non-existent faceless and gutless opposition party, the Tories, are the same; They have the same ideas, the same policies, the same puppet masters. They do not represent the people. They represent other interests, and their own. They cannot be trusted. None of the parties are fundamentally different. Most of the time the followers seem to mean well; but sadly, they have been brain washed and dumbed down. The yuppies are meshed-in to this false and deceptive multi-party paradigm. The party leadership are straw men and women who work for the financial, corporate and royal Elites.

But back to the surface!

That’s right: Let us discourage more people not to work. Let us put more people into the welfare trap. Let us punish working. Reality is: The more hours people work, the more money people earn (are entitled to), and the more of our property is taken from the people. The more the sheep are mummified in the sticky spider web of the welfare state, the easier their life gets. Just feed us. Just think for me. Just tell me what to do.

Whether a dumb population is paying feudalistic taxes or they are playing the welfare game, the population is enslaved. The workers are too busy to notice. This has been designed that way. Most welfare recipients are trapped in a system and find it impossible to break free. See, the state owns you and our children outright, and it is the state that controls you, whereas you, Mr. And Mrs. Stupid, should control the state!

The way communities should pay for their services are via one consumption tax, a fair sales tax, not via an hyper-inflated 17.5% VAT, plus an income tax, plus a council tax, plus a car tax, plus petrol duties, plus capital gains tax, plus death tax, plus another host of open and hidden criminal taxes that enslave today’s workers against their will. We need change, and we need change now. The practice that the politicians continue to harm the value producers of this country, filling their own pockets with tax payer’s monies and breaking up the middle class has to stop.

Enough is enough. No more! You can push us that far, just a little bit more, before we reach a tipping point......

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