Tuesday, March 18

The Dali Lama -- and then there was "Fun in Beijing"

For the Dalai Lama to step down as head of the legitimate Tibet government seems to be a mistake, for the Dalai Lama is a god-like a symbol of freedom and liberty for many. The Dalai Lama is not after power! The criminal Chinese government is, the criminals, who invaded Tibet and exterminated the majority of its peaceful population and who reign with merciless tyranny over a country they unlawfully occupy.

The Dalai Lama wants to save lives, it seems. Is his warning to step down going to be heard? Is he gambling, hoping for the demonstrators to show restraint?

The time for unrest in Tibet is not right. The right time will be when the Olympics start; when the Western sports-minions selfishly rain down on Beijing to show off in the name of the nations the have been ordered to represent.

For Western governments to support the Olympic games in a country that massacres innocent people, violates every Human right imaginable and is treason against Humanity.

Brown, Merckel, Bush and the lot: You are as guilty as the the Chinese government and military. We, the People promise: You will have to answer to us in a court of law some day.

Here they come, the selfish sport minions who cant wait to go to Beijing:

Let me tell you something: You are nothing but trash! Where is your honor? Where is your dignity? You clearly have lost your body and soul to governments who are slaves to the Elites. Just be careful what you wish for -- you may just get it!

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