Friday, April 4

US attack on Iran imminent?

Dear Friends,

Of course, you have not heard the real news from government slaves BBC, ABC and the like. Russian Intelligence leaked that an unprovoked attack of Iran by US military may be imminent (6Th April). Just a few months ago, US intelligence services confirmed this: Iran is at least nine years away from Nuclear Weapons capabilities. Now, the lying criminals in the White Whore House and 10 Downing Street Safe House want you to believe that Iran poses a threat to the US/UK.

And then, if you believe the Iraq had WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), than you probably also believe the moon is made of cheese, and the earth is flat, and you would also believe the frivolous lies your "representatives" want to shuffle down our throats. How stupid do they think we are, Brown/Bush/Cheney/Rockefeller/Hart (CFR)/Kissinger and the rest of the war mongers?

Should criminal elements in the US government order the bombing of Iran, WW3 may be upon us. After all, Iran and Russia are allies. There are good military in the US and the UK. Some of the officials have resigned, knowing that powerful criminals in government will order the invasion/bombardment of Iran. I only hope that, in the spirit of the Nuremberg trial, military personnel with refuse orders on the basis of refusing to carry out war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

Stay Safe!

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