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A Call to Economic Arms

Where have all the jobs gone?

Exerting Our Power means Discipline – Our Secret Weapon is Restraint

If we, the people, were to use our powers effectively to stop the decay of our economies that is engineered by our out-of-control governments, we would have to understand the root cause of its deterioration first. In order to act, we have to inform ourselves before making buying decisions.


The Elite and their minions (and that’s criminal elements within our governments) announced, as documented in their very own papers, that the middle-class has to be destroyed, for it presents the greatest threat to Global Government (or call it tyranny). Here is how they do it:

(1) Firstly: They started by “encouraging” women to enter into the work force, to gain “independence”. Rockefeller started the Feminist movement and continues to fund it. Qui bono?

a. The state acquires substantial revenue through income tax;

b. The family unit is broken up gradually, (proclaimed goal of the globalists);

c. Our Youth is forced into government controlled day “care”, such as kindergartens, pre-schools and other state controlled institutions;

d. Traditional family values are not passed on onto our children as much as they should, e.g. mothers do not spend enough quality time with their children and we, the parents, are not teaching what’s good and bad. Instead, the government now forces their views onto our children. They teach that Globalism is good, Global Warming is man-made, that Humans are viruses, that torture is good, and that evil terrorism requires us to surrender all our civil liberties; In other words: Our children are exposed to Goebbels-style brainwashing, and the deliberate dumbing down of an entire population is progressing.

Note: Whereas in the early stages of fashionable feminism, the “liberation” of women was a politically correct talking point (injected by the CIA/CFR/House/Rockefeller), it is now necessary for both parents to work full-time just to survive. So, the liberation scam was used successfully to enslave most of the female and children population. Ever increasing taxes and devaluation of our currency through artificial inflation by our governments are designed to keep it that way and to accelerate its detrimental impact on our societies and economies. The feminist movement was probably the Elite’s most ingenious move (that we know of), for its ramifications is touching every aspect of society and private life. Just think about the feminization of men and its consequences. Today’s men have become compliant wimps, chicken necks who are afraid to speak up at home, at work, at PT meetings, at City Hall meetings, in political discussions... but I am digressing. I need to do an article /Podcast on that subject. Watch for it in the next couple of weeks.

(2) Secondly: The deliberate removal of jobs from on-shore to off-shore locations;

a. This forces people into involuntary dependency on the state; this modern form of slavery through welfare gives state control at highest level. Do as I say or we will refuse you food, housing, and other living essentials. Note: A pattern is emerging: Doublethink perfected: Liberation of our Women really meant their enslavement. Welfare help really meant driving its recipients into state controlled dependency...

b. We see a steady increase in crime rates; the state enters ever rising numbers of people into state control via the criminal justice system (probation, jail, prison);

c. In conjunction with the newest streak of tyrannical anti-terror laws, petty crimes, and civil matters and, as documented in their own memorandums, civil dissent are now classified as terrorism. So you and I will soon be called terrorists for fighting corruption! Note: The government’s criminal attempt to suppress free speech will also be their downfall as the people are waking up to their lies and deception.

d. Massive job losses significantly reduce buying power of the population;

e. It increases poverty and the gap between the rich and poor.

Note: Traditional fully functional middle-class families are now losing their incomes, their housing, and social connections. They become homeless slaves of the state. The real news here is that these people are not just your standard alcoholics or the drug addicts. No, these people are your neighbors, your friends, and perhaps someone in your family.

(3) And thirdly: Let’s open our borders wide to unskilled, cheap immigrants and offer them welfare as soon as they enter our countries.

a. “Free“ medical care and welfare for immigrants, legal and illegal, are draining public services;

b. Cheap workers drive down wages, thus lowering the living standard of the working population on top of inflation;

c. Crime rates are steadily on the rise, as no background checks are performed on immigrants;

d. Conquer and Divide! Add all the compounds and society destabilizes further. Their secret: Create social unrest through forced diversity, whereby “political correctness” is used as tool to condition people into submitting to state control and censorship in every aspect of their lives. Note: The introduction of so called “hate crimes” opened the flood gates for unprecedented state control and suppression of free speech. Hate crimes are a fraudulent invention by Globalists and Fabien Socialists. Everyone should be equal before the law and enjoy the same protection through the law. Hate crimes place more value on some groups, which proves that it is a fraud.

There are many more ways with which the Elite create today’s catch-22, false economy. Today, decent and hard working people struggle to retain their standard of living or even to survive. We as consumers have to stop our ignorant and lazy compliance and start fighting back with the tools still tolerated by law. Consumers are powerful, more powerful than any machine-gun wielding police who try to intimidate travelers in airports. We must make informed decisions and support firms who manufacture goods or provide services on-shore.

Anybody Home?

Most of our service industries have moved to India and Eastern Europe. Call Centers, financial processing services, software development, IT support; many more fall under this category.

The majority of our manufacturing industries have moved to China and South America. From computer chips to pretzels, from electronics to clothing, from cosmetics to furniture, hardly anything we buy today in shops or online is produced or manufactured in our own cities and countries anymore. Try to find a label or sticker that does not state: “Made in China”. It is a time consuming task.

The Big-Wigs (and most Fortune 500 corporations) are guilty of conspiring against their own countries: JP Morgan, IBM, BT, Morgan Stanley, , Boeing, and Dymo, to name just a few, have moved job related operations en masse off-shore. Other companies are truly patriotic, such as Australian Rode (high quality microphones), Harley Davidson, SIA, Digi-Key and NCS. These folks are resisting the off-shore scam, and they do so with great sacrifice. Their numbers are far and in between. However, these companies do exist. It is our duty as citizens to seek and support those companies that manufacture and offer services from within our own countries. It is our civil duty to support honest businesses that provide jobs and revenue at home. It is our civil duty to boycott those firms who are filling their pockets through cheap off-shore labor. India and China are now seen as the new economic super powers. Whether this is true or not, it creates the illusion that the Elite here at home are hurting, that they are losing some of their power. Well, not so! China, India, North Korea, Vietnam and the rest are controlled by the same ingenious evil that controls our governments. I do give this to them: They are smart, very smart! And they are dangerous!

Despite the fact that some determined and powerful interests are trying to destroy our sovereignty and freedoms, we (that means you and I, your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend and your family) can and must put a stop to the sell out of our nations.

Strength and Weakness

Our power and our weakness are our wallets. We can and must force manufactures and service providers to respond to market demand. How do we do that? By altering our buying habits, call it a renaissance of our buying-philosophy. We must do this, regardless of the illegal market manipulations by, and treacherous economic policies of our governments. Our corrupt political “leaders” force businesses out of their own countries by imposing feudalistic taxes on businesses and workers, on value creators and value producers. Small businesses are driven out of existence; people in your home towns are losing their jobs.

The military-industrial complex then quickly takes over and moves the operations off-shore, leaving our local economies starved. In the welfare state, this is the recipe for deep and sustained depression. It is the beginning of the end of the middle-class.

The Party is over - It is time to Act!

Don’t you think it is time to fight back? I do! This is a call to economic arms! We must use our buying power as a weapon against the global elite, against those who are trying to destroy us.

Since almost everything we need or desire is manufactured off-shore, a consumer boycott of goods made predominantly at off-shore locations requires sacrifices on our part. We must force companies to either move operations back on-shore, or to suffer the consequences. We must move jobs and thus our buying power and the economic strength of our old country back to where it belongs – home! We must save ourselves from the lethargy that we have been indulging in for far too long. The party is over!

Each and every one of us has to make a simple but conscious decision every time we buy. The logic is simple: if we are to save our countries and our children from economic downfall and global enslavement, we have to act without delay. Refuse to buying goods and services from those companies who moved their operations off-shore. Note: Off-shore manufacturing is not to be confused with buying imported articles in a free market.

Have you noticed? Our countries are gradually acquiring third world status. A dying middle-class, extortionate taxes, rising inflation, the devaluation and elimination of our savings and pensions, the exponential rise of food and energy prices, and you guessed right: even more and higher taxes.

What am I supposed to do?

This call to arms may sound simple, but for many it will not be easy. If there is a product you must have (want or need), you have to check where it is being manufactured before you buy. The internet is your best friend. If the product you wish to buy is outsourced to off-shore manufacturing plants by a Western company, do not buy the item! Do three other things instead:

a. Try to source a similar product that has not been manufactured off-shore. This may be hard, but you will find an alternative product if you put time and effort into the search.

b. It is possible that the alternative product that has been manufactured here at home is more expensive than the off-shore item. However, it is also likely that the quality is better. It is here, where you will prove to yourselves that you are freedom-loving patriots who cherish your countries.

c. IMPORTANT: Do not skip this task! You must let the firm know why are not buying from them and explain the logic. This step is just as important as not buying the product itself. It will accelerate the message we are sending to those companies who sell out. An e-mail is usually the best way to get your message across. You can also save a template and change the product name and company details, as you will need it often, if you were to be consequential.

Just imagine how powerful this message is, if the majority of the people follow suit! Just imagine how quickly we would be able to change the things that are hurting us. Now, it is up to you! Let our wallets be our weapons. Do you want your neighbors to keep their jobs? Do you want crime rates to fall? Do you want to stabilize the society we live in? Do you want to live safer? Do you want to secure the future of your children and grandchildren? Do you want to safe your country? Then do your bit and show discipline and restraint with no exception.

Stay safe!

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