Thursday, December 27

Ruled by Puppets of the Criminal "Elite"

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From Hitler to Brown

Where Hitler left off in 1945, Anthony Blair, Angela Merkel, Gordon Brown and their comrades continue today. Adolf Hitler would turn in his grave in perverse excitement about the skillful implementation of fascist, zero-tolerance, police states under the umbrella of a totalitarian Europe. George Orwell's peek in the future "1984" depicts a reality that is a walk in the park compared to what the globalists have in stock for you and your children. For those of you who think that the government is good and has your best interest in mind, I would like to say this:

It is not only your right, but it is also your duty to:

  • Educate yourselves, your friends, family, colleagues and your neighbors
  • Learn
  • Read
  • Compare
  • Analyze
  • Conclude
  • Act
The problem is that most of us, including myself, have been conditioned by the corporate controlled media to accept whatever government script is read on air, or printed on paper. If it is on TV, the BBC, CBS, or Fox, it must be true... Of course, mainstream reporters do not tell you that they get their marching orders from the White House or 10 Downing Street. The local news anchors, those who we tend to trust, regurgitate whatever the puppet masters prescribe in their daily marching orders. It is called Yellow journalism.

BBC English, modern: Big Brother Corporation, propaganda tool of the globalist elite, deceitful

What is at stake?
A strong statement, indeed. For those of you who have not woken up to reality, these news are disturbing. For many it all seems far-fetched and unbelievable. How do we know if we do not verify the claims made and allow ourselves to consider all information. Do you think that your freedom, your health, your well-being and your life are worth this effort?

power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely (cliché)

Are you one of those men who go and vent all your natural warrior energy by watching and cheering football games? Have football, or television soaps become an important part of your life? If it has, it has been done TO you by design. By focusing you on sports, soaps, the X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing, you are neutralised, your natural survival instincts are turned off the moment you turn your TV on. It has been designed by the industrial-military complex to deliberately divert your natural warrior instincts for liberty and self determination into something that does not interfere with the globalist-elite's plans to enslave you and your family.

Criminal Elements

Many politicians are good. Most are corrupt. The majority of these are humanoids: selfish and corrupt. We, the people, have successfuly been conditioned to accept this as a way of life, something that just IS. It is working. You ARE accepting it as something that cannot be changed. That's just the way it IS... Right? While this is bad in itself, I am not talking about the general politician scum that parasitically lives off your hard earned money, stealing your rightful property under the legal cover of self serving laws.
I am talking about the puppets in highest places of government -- the criminal elements who sell their soul for a couple of coins. I am talking about the Muppet's who are knowingly deceive you, the people. I am talking about the criminal elements who attend the Bilderberg meetings or send representatives on their behalf to receive marching orders from unelected elites. I am talking about those minions who wage war and kill in your name. I am pointing to those who erode our liberties.

We are officially living in tyranny!

(to be continued)


Mike said...

1984 is by George Orwell,not H.G. Wells.

Think! said...

Mike, thank you for the correction of this editorial error. Of course it was George Orwell who wrote 1984.

Original text amended accordingly.

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