Friday, December 28

Western Intelligence Services behind Bhutto Murder?

Dictatorships quick to blame “Al Qaeda” for Bhutto assassination

(photo Dec 28 2007) Let me express my condolences to the family, friends, and supporters of Benazir Bhutto, who was murdered on 27th December 2007 by criminal elements and their powerful interest groups. There can not be any justification for killing people because of their political views or legitimate leadership. And those who murder to further their interests will be brought to justice.

Let us look at the facts and possible motives behind the assassination of the first female Prime Minister of a Muslim country.

Dissent and disagreement with government is the lives’ blood of Human freedom, not merely because it is the first roadblock against ... tyranny. It is also essential, because every once in a while it is right and the power to which it speaks is wrong.

- - - Keith Olberman

A major event was needed to renew the perceived terrorist threat, on which the erosion of liberty and civil rights, in other words, the rise of Fascism, are built on and justified with. UK’s ITV News yesterday boldly stated that Intelligence Services or Terrorists may be behind Bhutto’s assassination. I can only guess that this was a slip of the tongue, or was it? After all, we are seeing western governments blatantly admitting to their criminal agendas much more frequently in recent months. They are taking their gloves off. It does not matter what you think; Torture is good, Assassinations are justified, and Fascism is our new way of life – only do they not call it Fascism; they call it their New World Order under the Reichstags Parliament of the United Nations. The government is your friend!

Qui Bono?

Who benefits from Bhutto’s death? It was easily predictable that Bhutto’s assassination would create unrest in Pakistan just after a period of Martial Law, and shortly before major elections are to be held in Pakistan. Not surprisingly, it was the CIA who pushed for Bhutto's return to Pakistan, while the Bush administration is supporting military dictator Musharraf.

Let’s face it! This is not about a corrupt politician or her husband, who were arrested and convicted for pocketing millions of taxpayers’ money for their own gain, twice! Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has nothing to do with her policies; it is not about some political strategy that could interfere with some terrorists plans to freely roam and plot “Al Qaeda” attacks in Pakistan, as government controlled “news” will make us believe. Western intelligence Services and criminal elements of their governments already provide safe havens for terrorists on Western soil, as proven in the remarkable documentary Terrorstorm, by Alex Jones ( This assassination is about creating unrest and instability in an already volatile region. This is about pushing CIA grown “Al Qaeda” into the news again. Neocons and globalist were desperate to bring the words “terrorists” and “threat” back into the headlines to justify further erosion of our freedoms and civil liberties. The lame terrorist talking points have awoken to new life.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety. deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

- B- Benjamin Franklin

Today’s dictatorial western governments need you to be afraid of terrorists, so the mighty government can save you. They need you to be afraid of Muslim unrest, so Martial Law can be justified again in Pakistan and perhaps next time in a town near you. Fear is what Elites’ puppets Bush, Brown and Merkel & Co. want you to feel. Fear is the life-blood of their political careers. But fear we will feel not! Of course, there is the rest of society, the dumbed-down consumers of mass media, who are carefully conditioned to getting used to assassinations of political figures, so that elimination of US statesmen Ron Paul, who is spoiling the establishment’s 2008 US presidential elections, is digested easier, forgotten quicker. Be alert and pay attention to the concerted effort of powerful elites and their Muppets to continue their age-old dictatorial strategy: Divide and Impera! Divide and Conquer! Divide and create Unrest! Only this time, Neocons and cronies, and “elite” Scum, you are exposed, as the people are waking up the dark nature of your intentions. Only this time, the people are no longer falling for your self-serving propaganda and unlawful deceit. This time, you are losing, and this fight spells the downfall of dictatorship and fascism and our return of a free world, based on Sovereign Constitutional Republics.

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