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BBC's (S)Hit Piece


The military industrial complex owned media are working over time to spread lies, dis-info, and subject the masses to compliant thinking propaganda. Goebbels would have been proud of BBC tactics. So, what are you going to do?

For one, know your enemy and know their MO (Modus Operandi). It does not take a genius to figure it out, as the (very effective tactics) are the same used over and over again. It works well in conditioning us to accept wrong-doing, lies, deception and fraud. Things that were unthinkable decades ago, are readily accepted today. Torture is good. Giving up your freedom means securing liberty. The government is good. Terrorists are everywhere.

The dirt bags at the BBC are shameless charlatans, who play the public as if we were three year olds. Well, BBC, it does not wash any longer. People are waking up.

BBC’s Bacons
A case study on Deception.

What is the Modus Operandi (MO) of government dis-information?

1. Deny knowledge of established or provable facts.
2. Make unsubstantiated statements appear to be factual, often state the exact opposite.
3. Bring in “experts” who back-up by opinion these incorrect statements.
4. Couple lies with truths or half-truths to making it sound reasonable.
5. Establish a false logic (‘non-sequitur’ “it does not follow”), which is then accepted as established, creating a parallel or false reality.
6. Create dictatorial rules, regulations and unnatural laws around that false reality with the sole purpose of controlling and financially raping the population.

Alex Jones, a popular Texan radio host with his nationally syndicated radio show and millions of listeners, was invited to a BBC Radio 5 program, where five professional 9-11 debunkers geared up to assassinate the notion that Western governments were involved in the mass murder of 9/11.

Mr. Jones immediately offered a number of substantiated facts, his accurate logic following along this line:

Governments stage terror attacks and do so against their own people. History has proven exactly that.

  • Hitler set fire to the Reichstag (27th February 1933) blaming it on Marinus v. Luebbe. This event led to introduction of dictatorship (Hitler was elected, so was Bush, Gordon Brown was not!).
  • Hitler attacked his own Radio Station in Gleiwitz (31 August 1939), which led to the invasion of Poland, and thus WWII.

The US has been caught on several occasions to stage terror attacks. Here Mr. Jones cites two incidents:

  • The Gulf of Tonkin incident August 1964, which led to the Vietnam War, was a lie. The government alleged a provocation by Vietnam boats on US destroyers (NSA declassified).
  • The attack of the USS Liberty by Israeli Air Force (8th June 1967)

Mr. Jones then reasons that it is therefore not inconceivable to think that the US government was involved in the mass murder on 9/11 (and 7/7 I might add). However, Mr. Jones barely got his points across. His total airtime tallied less than that of a caller who bored listeners with an irrelevant Joan v. Arc theory. Alex Jones was interrupted, faded out, dismissed, and made fun of in a manner that bore strong resemblance to staged political trials. The BBC’s operations are rigged and their dishonesties are obvious to the observer who cares to pay attention.

Continuing on: Richard Bacon establishes his non sequitur and continues to build up propaganda around his false reality: “Surely, governments are not capable of carrying out such evil; therefore 9/11 could not have happened with the involvement of the government.” He and his debunkers go full circle by adding “scientific” disinformation pertaining to the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7, calling Mr. Jones a liar.

While Mr. Bacon continues to cast doubts on official and declassified stories, he plays to Human goodness by stating: “Do you really believe this (nonsense)? Surely, the government would never do such evil!” Of course, Mr. Bacon would have us believe the government loves us. Our government would never harm us... Sure they wouldn’t!

True, it is hard to believe what criminal elements in our governments have conspired to do to us. It is hard to digest the density of evil that is acting against the people, against you and your families, against your neighbors, and against your daughters and sons and grandchildren. Reasonable Human Beings, people with a conscience, will have difficulty accepting its existence. Doing so is life changing and painful.

However, the BBC’s Bacon knows that he is covering up for the BBC/the government: He states on-air that the BBC reported that WTC 7 had fallen before actually it happened. Bacon even admits that previously “lost” tapes of that BBC broadcast had been found, proving the fraud.

He, however, does not care and refuses to follow logic. Richard Bacon of the BBC is a liar. He is complacent to those who do not have the best interest of the people at heart. That, Mr. Bacon, makes you a criminal!

Go on then, believe The BBC’s bacons and what comes out of their orifices... Sure, your government loves you!

The BBC knows that people are not reading; they are not informing themselves; they are not making the effort to question the official stories; and hola, the stage is set for more non-sequiturs. On they ramble, building their shaky disinfo-house with flammable lie-sticks. It will take a few sparks more, emanating from the words of inforwarriors all over the planet to burn the house of misinformation to ashes. It is for the people then to start over, to rise like Phoenix, building on the solid fundament of honesty and accountability.

Mr. Bacon: You and the Big Brother Corporation have become irrelevant. You are deliberately harming the Britain. You are abiding a treasonous enemy. You are the enemy, the enemy of the fine British People, the enemy of Humanity and free society!

Challenge for Mr. Bacon

Well Richard Bacon, do you not like the tone of this? Would you like to earn some respect from your listeners? Why not debunk on the Alex Jones Show? I challenge you to go on the AJ show for an hour and debate Mr. Jones. I am not talking for Mr. Jones, but I am certain that he will not line up five 9/11 Truthers or “conspiracy theorists against you to “debunk” you. He would not have to. Truth does not need unfair game.

BBC Conspiracy Show (Audio)
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