Tuesday, March 10

Reviving this Blog

There is plenty of good information out there, such as Rense, Infowars, Mathaba to name a few. Websearch any of them for wide spectrum geopolitical news and analysis. It is for this reason that I have concentrated on reading and learning, not writing in these past few months.

However, the enemy has stepped up their plight to enslave humanity. Their relentless campaign of disinformation and brainwashing continues. Their criminal efforts increase exponentially. The changes upon us intensify in strength, frequency and madness.

As the bankers and compliant politicians plunder the world of their assets (that's what you own), the need for even more wide spread information is greater than ever before. No one who is awake can in good conscience remain quiet. Too much is at stake.

I look at today's children, and imagine their colorless future in a feudalistic society, micro-chipped controlled and enslaved by a ruling elite. What drives me back to revive my blog today? I care for the innocent people, for our and all children. I cry for the Ignorant. For your refusal to make an effort to think for yourselves enables those who do not have your best interest at heart. You choose to believe them. You choose to comply. You choose to give away your sovereignty and that of the next generation. These may be some of the last true choices you will ever have. Liberty, freedom of choice and happiness will no longer be known to the serving class (that's you, too) in just a few decades. Is this your choice? Is that you?

Please bookmark this blog, or follow me on Twitter. Start to break free and help others to do the same.

Think! and most importantly: Stay Safe!

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Must Haves

  • The Obama Deception -- An Alex Jones Movie
  • Endgame -- The Movie by Alex Jones
  • Everybody Knows -- Song by Leonard Cohen
  • Diplomacy by Deception: an account of the treasonous conduct by the governments
  • Freedom to Fascism -- Movie by Aaron Russo
  • Terrorstorm -- history of government sponsored terrorism
  • The Bilderberg Group -- Book by Daniel Estulin
  • The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot by Naomi Wolf
  • UnCivil Liberties -- A political thriller -- too close to reality!