Sunday, March 15

German Chancellor Merkel Calling for Raids on Homes

By Peter Neideck, Dissent Blog
Today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanded even tougher gun control measures relating to storage of firearms and ammunition in Germany. With an audacity that defies belief the former East German communist also called for unannounced raids on homes and offices of registered firearm owners. In an interview with the Deutschlandfunk Merkel said: “We must do everything to prevent children’s access to firearms.” As a further consequence of the recent mass shooting in Germany Merkel wants citizens to be more alert and pay particular attention to young people.“ However, Germans Secretary of State Wolfgan Schäuble in an interview with the German State TV station ARD warned against overregulation of already tight firearm laws in Germany.

If Merkel was so concerned about the children, why would she not call for a ban on prescription of antidepressants, such as Prozac or Xanax. All mass shootings, including the latest German tragedy, have been connected with pychotropic drugs. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) are excessively prescribed to children and young people and cause violent and irrational behaviour in people. SSRIs are big business for big Pharma and for the politicians who are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. Who are you working for, Frau Merkel?

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Germans have no constitutional right to bear arms. Politicians like Merkel are now pressing further their global agenda to making private gun ownership a social taboo worldwide. Politicians and media are pushing for gun control and victim disarmament with slogans such as “More guns -- more ‘gun crime’” and out of Kingdom Britain: “Tough on Knife Crime”. However, such correlation does not exist and facts prove that firearms left in the hands of law abiding citizen prevent crime.

Here are some examples of factoids used by the ruling class to disarm the ruled, factoids that prove that gun ownership in reality increase everybody’s safety.

Globalist rhetoric:

“More guns lead to more ‘gun crime'”
“Tougher restriction on firearm ownership lowers ‘gun crime’”
“Tougher gun control leads to reduction of gun ownership in the population”

The facts:
(Prof. Lott, University of Illinois, More Guns, Less Crime 1998)

States with lower number of firearms have higher murder rates than Texas, where weapon density is highest. States with nearly the same number of private firearms (than in TX). E.g Vermont, have a 20 times lower murder rate.

(CFC 1998)
The notion that tougher access to guns will lower gun related crimes is also easily disproved. Consider this: New York with its gun bans still has one of the highest crime and murder rates. Vermont, with its liberal gun laws, has low crime and murder rates. Vermont citizens own three times as many guns as those in New York State.

It is not only probable but very likely that the recent spurs of mass shootings are coordinated efforts by criminal elements within government to garner public tolerance for the introduction of unconstitutional search and seizure operations by the state and the legislation of draconian laws designed to restrict the freedom of its citizens. Germany has one of the toughest gun control laws in Europe, yet it is the law abiding citizen who is subject to further restrictions and control.

A different paradox is emerging out of Great Britain. After the “Handgun ban” the number of weapons in private possession did not sink as expected. Gun owners switched to those firearms, which were still legal in Britain. At the same time, custom records show an increase of illegal weapons import (pistols, revolvers) into Great Britain. At the same time, numbers of armed robberies in Britain are drastically on the rise. According to the Lott-Study (More Guns, Less Crime), the opposite correlation is correct. In the 40 states, in which carrying a concealed weapon is legal, violent crime is the lowest. Lott proves in his study that numbers of victims of violent crimes are greatly reduced in those states that allow carrying of concealed weapons.
Furthermore, the notion that stricter gun control legislation leads to lower numbers of private gun ownership can easily be disproved. Only law abiding citizens will surrender their weapons thus render themselves defenceless against criminals. For example, Germany with the toughest gun laws has the highest number of illegal gun ownership. Similarly in Britain: Despite the ban of handguns, the number of illegally owned guns is rising.

Of course, every country has a legitimate interest to guarantee its safety and that of its citizens. That is one more reason to recognize the importance of the verifiable connections of gun ownership and crime and investigate the effect of disarmament on the safety of the people. Restrictions for the sake of it are neither legal (Germany, Britain or elsewhere) nor in the best interest of the people.

Calling for Merkel’s Resignation and Arrest

The logical conclusion therefore is that Merkel’s calls for even tougher gun control and her criminal proposal of illegal raids on homes of German citizens is not introduced to protect Germans but to control them. If only the government is armed, any civil disobedience can easily be crushed by governments, as it is happening in Britain since 1997. Rogue politicians like Merkel are not working for the German people. She clearly is in the pockets of the global banker elite. Merkel, with her criminal comments, has lost her legitimate right to hold office. The people of Germany must call for Merkel’s immediate resignation, consequent investigation and her arrest for treason. If they don’t, and if Merkel gets her way, Germans will see history repeat itself in their own country, when SS style police SWAT teams in black uniforms with machine guns raid their homes and are, without judge and jury, guilty until proven innocent.

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Marcelo said...

what a crap.
I liked the first part though, where you come up with real statistics and facts.
nevertheless, the last para is populistic and does not at all take into account the political situation in Germany. Do you live there? Do you have any clue how safe it feels an German streets?
All Merkel did with those comments was: following up on her voters. Sad but true: after an incident like Winnenden, more than 70% of the population call out immediately for a ban of firearms. 1 week later: no one cares again.
We have elections this year and if Merkel would stand there saying" well.. I think it´s ok. Our gun law is perfect. etc etc.." THAT would cause her resignation.

It is a matter of respect in front of the victims to act accordingly.

Schnulli said...

Marcelo said:
what a crap.
I liked the first part though, where you come up with real statistics and facts.
nevertheless, the last para is populistic and does not at all take into account the political situation in Germany. Do you live there? Do you have any clue how safe it feels an German streets?
Well, I was living there for the most part of my life and you must be living in some tiny village. As soon as you get into a city area people are very fearful - and rightly so. You have obviously never been to the US since you can feel much safer here where nobody can tell if somebody else has a gun or if someone with a gun could step in if you tried to rob someone.

What is it they say was the good part about the time when Hitler was in power? Right, you could feel safe in the streets. Like I said before, it's not really safe except maybe in your village and at the point where it really seems safe everywhere, you will also see mass killings going on you won't really hear about those. This is how it has always been.

Either you have not read the blog or you are a paid shill. In both cases I recommend you read the entire article since respect to the victims would mean to point to the cause - SSRIs. But the media is in lock step with the globalist overlords' plan for population control.

Since you are so well informed I am sure you also know that almost 20,000 people commit suicide in Germany each year. How about showing a little respect to those people's relatives and making the facts about the real effects of antidepressants publicly available.

Marcelo said...

Hello Schnulli,

unfortunately, I still think this is nonsense.

first of all: I am living in Munich now, and also spent the whole last year in Berlin. The 2 largest cities in Germany. Moreover, I am a Latino (half-Brazilian, half German) and I did not feel unsafe one second.

Secondly: I´ve been to the US (Florida) several times, since my dad lived there for almost 9 years.
You might have missed my point I think. I am pro private weapons, since I like the idea of defending myself properly.

Thirdly: Check this statistic here and you´ll get a clue of how many people committing suicide in Germany do so with the help of SSRI´s. they simply jump or hang. you might now point out, that they do so because they are depressed and take pills bla bla.. well, yes. that might be true to some extent. But the motives range to far from love, to "no money", "no chances" whatever... so again: I disagree.

No. 4: Do you really want to use Hitler as an allegory of how safety should feel? Do this over here in public and you´ll loose every credit you ever had. I do not accept this argument. It´s from 80 years ago. wake up.

No. 5: if you feel like the real cause of a mass killing are SSRI´s..well, that´s your opinion then. I do not agree. There are several steps beforehand.

last point: I´ve read the whole article. it´s still crap in the second part. my opinion Lifestyle On The net said...

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