Wednesday, March 11

FBI intimidates Alex Jones Show

Houston, TX

Alex Jones on this syndicated radio show today revealed that the FBI is “throwing fishing lines through the windows of his office”. The FBI called Mr. Jones’s studio during yesterdays broadcast with intimidating interest but was refusing to state the reason for their investigation. With the release of Alex Jones’s masterpiece documentary “The Obama Deception” imminent, President Obama and his team have good reason to be nervous. The documentary will present Barack H. Obama’s statements and links his words to his actions as then US Senator and now President. Main stream media reports and interviews deepen the plot, casting reasonable doubt on President Obama’s sincerity and authenticity.

The FBI called Alex Jones’s office on Tuesday, 10th March while he was on air and unavailable to take the call himself. Studio staff who answered the phone was asked by the FBI if this was indeed Alex Jones’s - the Broadcaster’s office, and where the office was located. The agent also demanded to know where exactly their CDN Servers (CDN - Content Distribution Network) are located. When Alex called the FBI back to clarify the nature of their inquiry, the FBI agent refused to say why the FBI had such a sudden and specific interest in Mr. Jones’s office and server locations.

Alex states that these “snoopy questions” are being asked to intimidate his staff and himself, and that the FBI’s interest is to “98% related” to the imminent release of his documentary “The Obama Deception”. Alex referred the FBI to legal counsel and asked for a subpoena before willing to give any information the FBI.

As a result of this incident, Alex will release his wake-up movie one week before the scheduled release date and as early as tomorrow. The movie can be purchased on DVD from, downloaded in high quality on or watched for free in lower quality on Google or YouTube. Mr. Jones’s fear that the release of his movie may be blocked by the White House is warranted.

President Obama has crippled Free Speech before. During his presidential campaign he colluded with Missouri State officials and police and threatened to arrest anyone who would criticise then Presidential Candidate Obama. Matt Blunt, Gov. MO , later issued a statement to the Obama campaign charging them with “abusive use of Missouri law enforcement.” See this article.

Think, and stay safe!

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Why would the FBI intimidate itself?

3rd-hand journalism.

Alex Jones is a Shill

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