Friday, March 20

Blog Moving to

To my valued readers:

I am in the process of moving articles from this blog to, the new home for the Dissent Blog.

Four reasons for moving
  1. To eliminate unwanted pop-up advertisements.
  2. To reduce the risk of censorship.
  3. To offer a flexible and professional blog design.
  4. To give my readers a better online experience.
Please place future comments and suggestions on

Thank you for reading and participating.

Peter Neideck
Dissent Blog

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Anonymous said...

Hallo Herr Niedeck,

ihre neue Internetseite gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich habe versucht einen Artikel von Ihnen zu übersetzen und auf zu übersetzen.

Bitte teilen Sie mir mit, sollten Sie auch deutschsprachig veröffentlichen.

Anonymous said...

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Must Haves

  • The Obama Deception -- An Alex Jones Movie
  • Endgame -- The Movie by Alex Jones
  • Everybody Knows -- Song by Leonard Cohen
  • Diplomacy by Deception: an account of the treasonous conduct by the governments
  • Freedom to Fascism -- Movie by Aaron Russo
  • Terrorstorm -- history of government sponsored terrorism
  • The Bilderberg Group -- Book by Daniel Estulin
  • The End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot by Naomi Wolf
  • UnCivil Liberties -- A political thriller -- too close to reality!